AT&T has officially shut down its 2G network

AT&T Company, one of the largest US mobile operators, has recently announced plans to abandon outdated 2G communication standards.

In fact, AT&T disabled its 2G network on Jan. 1, but made it into news only these days. The operator said this decision will improve its LTE coverage and liberate a valuable radio frequency resource fit for next-generation 5G networks.

AT&T started considering shutting down its 2G network about four years ago. Since then the company has been discussing this matter with its partners and customers still relying on 2G technology to make the transition as smooth as possible.

However, the process wasn't flawless. First iPhone users lost network connections. Furthermore, disabling 2G-network caused a number of problems in San Francisco: this technology had been used by the local NextMuni network to provide buses and trains arrival information.


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